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NK Nordiska Kompaniet julskyltning 2016

7 Vacation Must-Do’s in Stockholm Over Christmas & the Winter Holidays

Header Image: Nordiska Kompaniet’s Store Front Window. Image Credit: Nordiska Kompaniet

Are you about to spend your holidays in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden? Amazing! You are in for a real winter treat including everything from traditional Christmas fairs to a full-on freezing ice bar. Here are 7 things that the Triple team does not want you to miss:

1. Julbord

Swedish Julbord

Julbord is basically a traditional Swedish Smorgasbord with a Christmas twist. Be prepared to fill up on pickled herring, traditional Christmas Ham, and Swedish Meatballs. Some examples of great traditional Julbord are the one at Ulla Winbladh and the famous Operakällaren. A traditional Julbord is not very vegetarian-friendly, but lately, vegetarian foods, such as kale, has found it’s way to the traditional Julbord. However, if you’re in the mood for fully vegetarian julbord, go for the one at Hermans. At Hermans you get both tasty food and spectacular views!

Image Credit: www.besoksliv.se 

2. Gingerbread Houses Exhibition

Gingerbread House

A fun Holiday tradition in many Swedish families is the yearly Gingerbread House build. At the Center of Architecture and Design on Skeppsholmen, you can check out the yearly gingerbread house exhibition and competition. Everyone is welcome to exhibit and you will find beautiful builds by kindergarten classes as well as architecture students, amongst many others. If you get very inspired by the exhibition (which you will!), you can even buy a Gingerbread House kit in the local grocery store and build a house in your hotel room. The house might be a bit too fragile to bring back home after your Stockholm vacation, so make sure to eat in before you leave, it is very sweet and tasty!

Image Credit: www.arkdes.se

Here is what you need to build your own gingerbread house:

  • 1 house kit, like this one.
  • 1-3 different colors of frosting. You will use these both for assembling and for decorating the house.
  • Candy for decorating.

Have fun!

3. Outdoor Pool at Clarion Hotel Sign


Stockholm is freezing over the Christmas Holiday season, but that does not mean you cannot go for a swim outside. At Selma Spa on top of Clarion Hotel Sign, you can enjoy a nice heated outdoor pool with a Stockholm view. Can you think of anything beating a glass of Champagne in the open air of an urban winter landscape to celebrate the Holidays?  


Image Credit: @malincronqvist

4. Skating in Kungsträdgården


This is a very classic activity and will surely get you in the Christmas spirit. You can go skating either during the day or after the sun has set in order to enjoy the beautiful Holiday lights that decorate the area of Kungsträdgården. Ice skating in Kungsträdgården is just as nice for a date with your special someone as it is a fun family activity.

Image Credit: www.skatesweden.se

5. NK’s Store Window

NK store window christmas

Window shopping has never been this fun before! At the historic department store Nordiska Kompaniet (NK) the store window decorations are always spectacular. This year, the artists making the window decorations have worked together with children to create magical creatures living in the windows. NK is very close to Kungsträdgården, so why not take a peak right after going ice skating?

Image Credit: @fotografmagnus

6. Ice Bar at Nordic C Hotel Triple is a Place to Meet Travelers from Around the Globe

ice bar in stockholm

The Ice Bar in Stockholm is a fun way to experience something truly unique. This Stockholm ice bar is the only permanent ice bar in the world; so would you want to get a bit of Stockholm winter during any other time of the year, this would be your shortcut. There are kid-friendly activities as well as a bar full of tasty drinks for adults which make the ice bar a great and suitable experience for everyone.

Image Credit: www.icebarstockholm.se

7. Historic Christmas Fair at Skansen

skansen julmarknad

The Christmas Fair at Skansen has been a yearly event since 1903 and still has the character of a Christmas Fair from back then. Put on a warm coat and get ready to be amazed by the people working at Skansen dressed in traditional clothing from the past century, or stop and listen to historic Christmas carols being sung by the choir. This is the perfect place to shop for souvenirs and gifts to bring back home; both in the form of candy and traditional crafts.

Image Credit: www.ilovestockholm.se

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