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New friends making cacti gardens during Triple Activity

Tips When Creating Your First Triple Activity

So, you have decided to Host your first Triple Activity – Great! You are in for many fun and exciting experiences. As a Triple Host, you will have the chance to meet travelers from all around the world and share with them your passions as well as teaching your special skills.

What Type of Triple Activity Can you Host?

Now it is time to think about what type of special skill, passion, or place that you want to share with travelers. Maybe you are an enthusiastic oil painter and want to teach travelers how to paint the harbor in your city? Do you make beautiful mini-cacti landscapes and want to help others make their own? Or, you are familiar with every good micro-brewery in town and ready to take travelers on a beer tasting? Are you the best at finding graphic novels or LP’s, and want to show travelers all the best comic shops in the hippest neighborhood? Do you know the story behind a forgotten corner of your city and want to take travelers on a historical walk like no other?  The possibilities are endless and you can create an interesting Activity from any passion of yours! 

New Friends drinking beer during a Triple Activity

Things to think about when you create your Activity:

1. A Triple Activity is Unique

It is your knowledge and passion combined with the place you are at that makes up a Triple Activity. The way you present your Activity should be like nowhere else – the travelers are booking your activity because they can’t experience it in the same way by reading up online or walk around alone. 

2. Let Your Personality Shine

A Triple Activity is an experience that wouldn’t be the same without you as the Host. Think of your Activity as something anyone else but you could ever re-create, at least not in that exact way. As a Host, you share your knowledge with the traveler, but you also share your time and it is important that this time is rewarding and that you both are enjoying yourselves. Triple is a place to meet people, look at travelers as your new friends!

3. Share Good Photos of Your Activity

Great photos showing what your Activity is about is the best advertising you can do! A great tip is to take a friend or two with you and Host your Activity for them before you let travelers book it. Your friends can snap photos of you and the surroundings throughout the Activity, then you can use the photos when you create the Activity so that travelers get a good picture of what the Activity is about.

4. Be Particular About the Details

For a traveler that books a Triple Activity it is important that information is clear in order not risk any confusion. Make sure to be very thorough in the different fields where you put things like meeting spot and instructions, what exactly is included in the Activity and what is not. When a traveler has booked your Activity, you want them to focus on the excitement of meeting you and participate in your Activity, not if they have the right meeting place or not. 

Person looking at Graphic Novels during a Triple Activity

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