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5 Trendy Restaurants to Visit in Stockholm Right Now

Food & Drinks in Stockholm

Stockholm has a surprisingly good restaurant scene. Maybe this has to do with the Swedes themselves having a burning passion for the art of cooking and good drinks – like in this brewmaster’s Triple Activity – or maybe it is because the Swedes have risen to the challenge of changing their food reputation where they for many years were infamous for a pretty bland food culture – meat, boiled potatoes, and some brown gravy, anyone? Well, we are not sure, but one thing is for certain; do not miss these 5 delicious and trendy restaurants during your time in Stockholm.

1. Omakase Köttslöjd


Image: Omakase Köttslöjd’s Instagram Account

With Omakase meaning Chef’s Selection and the Swedish word Köttslöjd literally translating to Meat Handicrafts – this is the perfect mix of a trendy Asian restaurant with a 100% Swedish twist! The restaurant takes 24 guests pet night and once seated, you get served carnivorous Swedish delicacies all night long. On a random day, you could, for example, be served smoked fallow deer heart, breast of quail, or lard as part of the many sampler dishes. This Stockholm restaurant is not for the faint-hearted, but definitely a flavor experience in combinations that you cannot find any other parts of the world.

2. Snickarbacken 7


Image: Snickarbackan 7’s Instagram Account

“Fika” is a word that you cannot translate to English, but it essentially means to sit down (often with friends) for a coffee and a pastry of some sort. It is probably impossible to visit Stockholm without having at least one fika, but however many fikas you have, make sure it’s really good fikas! At Snickarbacken 7 you will surely get a very good understanding of what a true Fika is, choose amongst several different types of coffees and be sure to try their homemade pastries! Once the caffeine is kicking in, you can take a stroll in the trendy boutique filled with beautiful Swedish designs that share the same space as Snickarbacken 7; it is perfect for picking up your Stockholm souvenirs. If you want a crash course in Swedish Fika and it’s traditions, check out this Triple Activity where you’ll also get to try a Semla. 

3. Meatballs for the People


Image: Meatballs for the People’s Instagram Account

When in Stockholm, you obviously got to eat Swedish Meatballs! And there is no better place for this than at a restaurant that specialises in meatballs, and meatballs only: Meatballs for the People serves everything from really unusual meatballs like bear and deer meatballs to the classical Swedish meatball accompanied by potato mash, gravy, pickled cucumber and lingonberry jam – it is delicious, trust us! The atmosphere at Meatballs for the People is very lively and inviting, and their craft beer selection is out of this world.

4. Mälarpaviljongen


Image: Mälarpaviljongens’s Instagram Account

Mälaspaviljongen is situated on the water, in the middle of Stockholm. Come here anytime to experience the charm of a city that is made up of one-third urban landscape, one-third green areas, and one-third water; Stockholm is really unique in this way. Both the food and the drinks are really popular at Mälarpaviljongen – how about doing what every Swede loves; sipping a glass of rosé wine while watching the boats go by?  Mälarpaviljongen opens on April 1st and stays open through October, so make sure to plan a visit here if you are coming in the summer months.

5. Imouto


Image: Imouto’s Instagram Account

You want to make sure to make your reservation at Imouto in advance. The reason is that this tiny sushi restaurant recently was awarded a Guide Michelin Star. Funnily enough, there are some very good sushi restaurants in Stockholm, and if you are a sushi lover you are in for a treat if you make a point of visiting at least one of the better sushi restaurants during your visit in Stockholm. Now, hurry up and grab a table at Imouto before the news about the Michelin Star spread to everyone! 

Do you have any favorites amongst trendy and upcoming Stockholm restaurants yourself? Let us know in the comment section!

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