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5 Cultural & Fun Places in Stockholm that are NOT Tourist Traps

Entertainment & Culture in Stockholm

While the Swedes may be known for having a bit of a laid back lifestyle, the culture and entertainment scene in Stockholm is actually quite fun! However, as in any city, you should be aware of the typical tourist traps. Who wants to be stuck in a never-ending line to a hyped up stage or tourist attraction, just to find out when (finally!) inside that this is just an average museum packed with confused tourists? Not us! That is why we put together this list of 5 places to visit in Stockholm when you are out to fill your vacation time with some cultural fun and entertainment!

1. Bio Rio


Image: Bio Rio’s Instagram Account.

Bio Rio is one of the more charming independent movie theaters in Stockholm. This independent movie cinema on Södermalm first opened in the 1940’s, and the style is still preserved today. On Bio Rio’s Instagram account, you can actually see a photo taken at the opening ceremony 73 years back. Pop by here any time of the day to find a new interesting movie or even a workshop. Make sure to stop by their restaurant and coffee shop too!

2. Berwaldhallen


Image: Berwaldhallen’s Website.

Put on your cultural hat and get yourself a ticket to a concert inside a mountain! Yes really; this concert hall is blasted into the mountain and is home to Sveriges Radio’s (the public radio of Sweden) Orchestra. The Orchestra mixes high culture and new influences in groundbreaking ways. It has, for example, thoughts around showing their concerts in VR soon enough. Something else we find interesting is the broad mix of more traditional concerts and new influences performed by the orchestra, an example is an upcoming collaboration with world known indie singer Ane Brun, who will take on Berwaldhallen and the orchestra in March this year.

3. Fotografiska



Image: Fotografiska’s Website.

Fotografiska is the photography museum that hosts very high-quality photography exhibitions, and on top of that has a bunch of other awesome components worth a visit. The restaurant at Fotografiska is focusing on a plant-based menu and is one of the better restaurants in Stockholm; so make sure you arrive here somewhat hungry. Stop by the museum shop where you can get limited edition prints, some of them sold only here. Fotografiska calls themselves ‘the world’s most open museum’, and no wonder; the museum is open 9am-01am during the weekends and until 11 pm during weekdays. This is a great place to have dinner, take a museum stroll, do some shopping, and have a night cap at the bar – all in one night. A must do while in Stockholm!

4. Debaser Strand


Image: Debaser’s Instagram Account.

Whoever makes the bookings at this, relatively small, concert venue must be a genius. Really, we advise you to go to Debaser’s calendar section and get a ticket to whatever is playing during your time in Stockholm, no matter if you have heard of the band before or not. Even during weeknights, although a bit less crowded, the vibe is fun and genuine and you can tell that people are here because they love music. And who knows, maybe you’ll be one of the first to hear a future world star? Given Sweden’s history of music export, it is not a long shot to think so, many of the big names have performed here.

5. Vasa Museum


Image: Vasa Museum’s Instagram Account.

OK, we admit that the Vasa Museum might actually be a tourist trap, but we promise that it is a tourist trap well worth your time! The Vasa Museum hosts the almost 400-year-old shipwreck Vasa, which capsized and sunk in Stockholm in 1628. Vasa is actually the world’s only preserved 17th-century ship, so a visit here during your Stockholm stay is something of a once in a lifetime chance to see a really old shipwreck like this. Speaking of boats, if you like them, you should check out this Triple Activity which takes you out the archipelago of Stockholm, if you are lucky you may be passing by the place where the Vasa capsized!


Why not become the entertainment yourself, while also having fun!? Check out this amazing Triple Activity where you get to attend a Clown Workshop with Triple Host Jonas. Or this one, with Felicia, where you get to dress up, practice and perform burlesque while being coached by Sweden’s number 1 burlesque star!

Let us know whet you think about our suggestions in the comments section below, we love to hear from you! Or, do you have any favorites of your own to tell us about?

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