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Cherry Blossoms & Spring in Stockholm


The Spring Equinox


Stockholm looks terribly much like this on the first day of spring. 

Today, even though the weather is telling us otherwise as it is just around 0 degrees celsius and snowing, it is the first day of spring! The day and night are almost the exact same length; this is called the vernal, or spring, equinox.


Brighter days are on the way

Spring is coming, even to Stockholm. One thing that may be news to a few lucky tourists visiting Stockholm in April is the absolutely stunning beauty of the Cherry Blossoms that bloom right in the middle of the City.


Cherry Blossom Trees in Kungsträdgården


Cherry Blossoms in Kungsträdgården in Stockholm.

Kungstädgården is always something of an attraction worth visiting; with its ice skating rink and holiday shops during winter, and it’s pleasant outdoor cafes that are great for people watching during the warmer months. However, there is one time each year when Kungsträdgården is really at its peak – and if you are not familiar with Kungsträdgården since before, it might be hard to guess when.


When to Visit

Maybe you don’t usually associate Japanese cherry blossoms with Sweden’s capital Stockholm, but Kungsträdgården, translating to ‘The King’s Garden’ is filled with Japanese cherry trees. The trees usually bloom in mid-April, and April 16th is The Day of the Cherry Blossom in Stockholm, which is, of course, celebrated in Kungsträdgården.


Best Way To See Stockholm

Triple host Marie-Cerise is amazing when it comes to show Stockholm from its best side, talk to her and mention that you want to take a walk through Kungsträdgården, and you’ll be sure to get the best views and stories about Sweden’s beautiful capital.


To a Stockholmer, spring is here when the Cherry Blossoms of Kungsträdgåtden is in full bloom!


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