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The 5 Absolute Best Ice Cream Shops in Stockholm this Season

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Spring, also known as Ice Cream Season, is FINALLY here! For Stockholmers that means one thing for sure; getting out in the sun and grab a cone of fresh ice cream! Whether you’re a classic ice cream eater or want to venture out and try some more crazy flavor creations, Stockholm has something for you. If you are in Stockholm on vacation, Triple recommends a minimum of one ice cream shop stop each day!

The Ice Cream List:

Here is the list of Triple’s absolute favorite ice cream shops this season. Enjoy!

1. Fryst 

Located on Kungsholms Strand 167


Image: Fryst’s Instagram

Fryst is a long-time favorite, and coming here you can be sure that even the pickiest ice cream gourmand will be satisfied! You will find funky and true Swedish summer flavors like Rhubarb-Cinnamon, and Swedish Apple as well as classics, like Vanilla and Tiramisu. And if walk across the street with your cone, you’ll get an amazing view of the water. Can the ice cream season get more awesome than this?


2. Stikki Nikki

Located on Götgatan 46 


Image: Stikki Nikki’s Instagram

Stikki Nikki is a small chain of organic ice cream shops in Stockholm. We want to recommend the shop on Götgatan especially, mainly because of the nice atmosphere on Södermalm where the shop is located. The ice cream at Stikki Nikki is made fresh every morning, and you can be so lucky as getting to try, for example, the Rockford Cheese & Pear with Walnut flavor. Or for all vegans, this is a perfect place as well; the vegan Dark Chocolate is to die for! Once you have picked up your treat here, you can take a stroll either to the shops on Götgatan or wander off to Mariaberget to look at the stunning views of Stockholm from above.


3. King Scopa

Located on Hornsgatan 156


Image: King Scopa’s Facebook

‘Ice Cream Burger’, do we need to say more!? At King Scopa this a dream becoming reality, and you should really try it. Besides their standing flavors such as Vanilla, and Lemon Sorbet, they also make really tempting and innovative flavors like, for example, Maple Apple Bacon. for example. King Scopa is located in the Hornstull neighborhood of Södermalm, which is really hip with a nice vibe. Make sure you visit some of the vintage stores around here to pick up some unique and pretty summer garments. Your best bet is to Get in touch with Triple Host Felicia for a real insider’s tour of the vintage stores in this area!


4. Stockholms Glasshus

Located on Birkagatan 8 


Image: Stockholms Glasshus’s Instagram

This is not a place for people who have a hard time making up their minds; Stockholms Glasshus has so many flavors! If you go here – which you really should –  it is said by many that Danish Apple Pie is “to die for”, so we suggest this flavor as your fallback plan. Stockholms Glasshus is close by the street Rörstrandsgatan in the Vasastan area of Stockholm, which is the perfect place for bar hopping as all types of bars are located here in close proximity to each other. We suggest Stockholms Glasshus as a well-deserved break to cool down during your Stockholm bar hopping!


5. 18 Smaker

Located on Hornsgatan 64 


Image: 18 Smaker’s Facebook

Vegans rejoice! During high season, 18 Smaker has a separate ice cream bar filled with 12 vegan flavors. Both the vegan and non-vegan flavors change a lot during the season, from fun flavors like Blueberry Cheesecake to stuff like the most Swedish of all berries: Lingonberry mixed with gin. We recommend grabbing a cup or cone at 18 Smaker and then go sit down on nearby square Mariatorget to soak up some warm sun rays or do some high-quality people watching.


Let us know your favorite ice cream shop, or one you are eager to try this season by commenting below! 

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