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A Peek Into the World of Burlesque with International Star Performer Fräulein Frauke

Header image photo by John-Paul Bichard

Who is the Glamourous Star Fräulein Frauke!?


Photo by John-Paul Bichard

Fräulein Frauke is 32 years old and is from Stockholm. Her passion for burlesque is not new at all: already when she was a child she was interested in burlesque, performances, and beautiful outfits. By the way, she began a collection of burlesque costumes already at the age of 7 years old. Nowadays she is an international burlesque performer and show producer. She often works in collaboration with her husband John-Paul Bichard, a talented photographer. Fräulein Frauke also went to sewing school, which is where she learned a lot about taking care of her dresses and accessories that are all handmade by her!


Let’s Get Started with the Triple Burlesque Activity!


Fraulein Fräuke Talks About Burlesque

A little boudoir with colorful hats, fans and boas, and a shooting studio; we’ve just arrived in the workplace of Fräulein Frauke, the international burlesque performer. But, what does burlesque mean? Here is the first thing she’ll explain you: Burlesque is a cabaret entertainment form with a bit of striptease. Striptease? Where am I? What are we going to do? Fräulein Frauke tells us about the origins of that art and how it is about self-expression. It has nothing to do with dance or seduction, in fact, an amazing burlesque showgirl can be a disastrous dancer! Burlesque is a performance during which you are free to express yourself.


Trying Burlesque During our Triple Workshop

After that interesting talk, it’s time for the actual Triple workshop! When you perform you have to tell yourself: “I’m freaking amazing, I’m the best superstar!” These are the words pronounced by Fräulein Frauke to help us feel comfortable. And now we start, let’s take place on stage and become one of the burlesque characters: the vamp (or femme fatale), the showgirl, the pin-up, or the fashion queen. It’s important to be a character. When we got it, Fräulein Frauke introduced us to the art of striptease … with gloves! No, you do not take off your gloves as you do every day in winter! Of course, there is a special way to do it and I let Fräulein Frauke explain you her secrets when you’ll meet her. We finalized the workshop by performing a full act with gloves, boas, and fans.

Who is Fräulein Frauke’s Triple Burlesque Activity for?

Everybody over 18 can come to the burlesque workshop. Women, as well as men, are more than welcome to try it out! Being ridiculous does not kill, you just have to dare to become a burlesque character. Young or old, short or tall, light or heavy, whoever you are you can express yourself with burlesque, and Fräulein Frauke is the best teacher ever! She will demonstrate you that all bodies can be glamorous. Join her for a nice moment with your friends, siblings or whoever you want to have fun with.


This is Your Chance to meet a Real Burlesque Star!


Photo by John-Paul Bichard

Before leaving for the vintage shopping in town (more about that soon!), Fräulein Frauke let us see her new dress made for her new performance. We were actually some of the first people to see it! A pink umbrella, a hat with feathers and a splendid flowery dress! She is a wonderful complete artist!Fraulein Fräuke already had the chance to perform in New York, but her big dream is to take part in a famous show in Las Vegas. Let’s wish her the best to succeed doing it!


More From Fräulein Frauke Coming Soon

Stay tuned for more about Marie-Cerise’s day with Fräulein Frauke! Next up is a sneak peek into her Vintage shopping activity.

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