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Eco-Printing in Stockholm

The Perfect Monday in Stockholm!


Monday morning… What could be better than starting off the week with a walk in the Swedish woods? I meet Gabriel, Anna and their 2 daughters at Åkeshov station (only 20 minutes on the green line from T-Centralen). We began with a walk in the amazing nature reserve Judarskogen; a nature reserve inside the City of Stockholm. Gabriel has been a scout when he was younger and knows a lot about nature. He keeps teaching me more and more stuff about the fauna and flora surrounding us. During our walk, Anna suggests that we pick some flowers: Purple ones, yellow ones as well as some leaves, and everything will be used for the eco-printing workshop later on.

You can read more about the Eco-Printing activity and book it here.

Time to Pick Our Camp Site

After the stroll, we stop right next to a lake. Gabriel and Anna choose that particular spot as it has a nice view of the lake as well as a little shelter to move into in case of rain. While Gabriel prepares the fire to grill hot dogs, it’s time to start the workshop with Anna and the girls.



Eco-printing projects are really easy to do! You just need flowers or leaves, a hammer, old white sheets, a frame, and baking paper. If you care about the environment this is the perfect craft activity as you only need materials from nature as well as recycled ones. Before making our final work we first have a try with the flowers we picked and those that Anna brought with her. Pansies and Fern’s leaves give such a beautiful result on the sheet. I am proud of what I created and have to thank Anna for her advice and the flowers she brought for me.



Before ending the activity, we eat the typical Swedish hot dogs (‘korv med bröd’ in Swedish) grilled by Gabriel. After we’ve finished eating, it’s time to pack up everything and walk back.



The time I spent with Anna, Gabriel, and their daughters was wonderful with many learning about nature, and I’m proud to say that I’m now an eco-printer. I’ll be really happy to meet them again for more crafting!


Who is Eco-Printing For?


I would definitely recommend this activity to everybody. Gabriel and Anna are ready to welcome every single person, families, groups of friends, young or old people. You do not have to be a professional crafter to do eco-printing, and even young kids can do it! Anna will be there to advise you and share her passion for crafting with you. This workshop will allow you a nice break in nature. You’ll also go home with a souvenir from that moment with Gabriel and Anna: your final eco-printing work.

Who are Your Eco-Printing Hosts?


Anna and Gabriel are a lovely and welcoming couple. They have two daughters who are 4 and 5 years old. Gabriel is originally from Gävle where he has been a scout in his youth. These days he works in Stockholm as a digital project manager at Microsoft. He is an amateur photographer during his free time. Anna works in education. She has a passion for crafting and is a DIY blogger. She also writes for the Swedish crafting and DIY magazine 101 nya idéer (101 New Ideas). She shares her passion with her daughters and she is always looking for new crafting ideas!

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