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Triple Product Update: Better Chat & Custom Offers

Triple Product Update

Triple just updated the messaging system. The new update makes it easier for hosts and travelers to communicate and for Triple hosts to create Custom Offers directly via a chat message.

With the new update, it will be easy for Triple hosts to get information about a Travelers preferred activity details – such as time and amount of people interested – already from the first point of contact. The update also makes it possible for hosts to create a Custom Offer for a traveler directly from within the chat; something both hosts and travelers has wished for in order to easily hold activities outside a host’s regular schedule.

The New Functions in this Product Update:


1. We added the possibility to put in more traveler information from the start of a chat


The possibility of adding more details will help the host get a full understanding of the traveler’s specific info and wishes without having to ask over several messages. The new ability for travelers to add their phone number enables them to get text message notifications when the host reply to their message.


2. There is a new Custom Offer option available from within the chat


1. The host clicks to create a Custom Offer from within the chat:



2. The Custom Offer is created to fit the agreed amount of people and time:

3. A direct link to the Custom Booking is found from within the chat…
… and the traveler clicks on it and end up at the booking page and can put in the details of their payment card to book the activity.
The Custom Offer update will make it possible to meet a traveler’s needs in a more direct way, and enables bookings outside of the host’s regular schedule without having to change the activity details at all!


What Is Up Next?

What do you think we should develop next, is there a feature you are missing or something else that would make you love Triple even more? We love the community’s input, so please let us know!

Tell us what you think!

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