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Where to Order Some of the Best Cocktails in Europe

The Triple Team Reveals the Best Drinks they Ever Tried

Summer is almost over, and while we won’t be sipping rosé on our balconies or hang at sunny beach clubs all day long anymore, we can always find a good reason for a weekend escape to a beautiful European city to search for really amazing handcrafted cocktails!

Below we give you a list of our absolute favorite cocktails across Europe. How do we know that they are so good? We tried them of course! The cocktails below are friendly tips from the Triple team to you, enjoy and don’t fret the coming fall season!


Best Cocktail #1 by Petri, Co-founder of Triple:

Pharmarium‘s Night Howler


You’ll find this drink in Stockholm.

This one has smoked birch as an ingredient and it is so tasty!

Pro-tip: Grab a seat in one of the deep windows if you can. It’s both cozy and you’ll get a great spot for people-watching the crowds outside in Stockholm’s oldest part, Gamla Stan (Old Town).


Best Cocktail #2 by Rebecka, Community Manager at Triple:

Fairytale‘s Mowgli 


You’ll find this drink in Berlin.

Follow the white rabbit to the bar inside: this place is the Mad Tea Party of your dreams!

Pro-tip: Something incredible will happen when you open up the fairy tale book that is the menu, but you have to go here yourself to find out what – it’s a very well kept secret.


Best Cocktail #3 by Sebastian, Co-founder of Triple:

Boutiq’Bar‘s Budapest Barbecue


You’ll find this drink in Budapest.

An insane, but ohh so tasty, mix of ingredients that are just as well suited in a nice cocktail as in the deep woods.

Pro-tip: You actually get to grill a marshmallow over this drink! Make sure to do it before the fire is out.


Best Cocktail #4 by Marcela, Community Intern at Triple:

Boca Chica‘s Conducta Africana


You’ll find this drink in Barcelona.

For any cinnamon lover out there, this is an absolute must-order!

Pro-tip: check out the bathrooms! You will understand exactly why when you get here.


Best Cocktail #5 by Joakim, Co-founder of Triple:

Bar Nightjar‘s White Tiger’s Milk


You’ll find this drink in London.

This chili-infused cocktail is delicious but definitely not something for those who prefer their drinks sweet. Do you dare to order it?

Pro-tip: Make reservations! This place is about impossible to get into without one, but a quick call before guarantees you entry.


What should we add to our list?

We want more reasons to get on weekend trips to seek out amazing cocktails, which drink do you think we sould add to the list?

If you have any questions or want more insider info on awesome cocktails and alike, don’t hesitate to reach out, we love exchanging travel tips!

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Pharmarium, Fairytale, Boutique Bar, Nightjar, Boca Chica. 

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