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FIKA – the World Famous Swedish Coffee Break

Fika: A Cultural Tradition

‘Fika’ is a social and cultural institution in Sweden. This means taking a break from an activity to drink coffee, or sometimes tea, with sweet snacks, usually with others. You may have read Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy about the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and noticed that the characters take regular fikas throughout their days.

A fika can range from 15 minutes during your work day to over an hour if it’s a day off. With the drink, you often eat some kind of pastry,  often classic ones such as cinnamon buns and/or assorted cookies. This tradition of a coffee break with some snacks is central to Swedish culture.

With this strong tradition of fika, it might not surprise you that Swedes are one of the world’s largest coffee consumers!

You can experience a traditional Swedish fika with Rebecka here. 

Fika Takes Over the World

As the concept of fika has become known even outside of Sweden, you can see typical Swedish coffee shops or kaféer pop up at a bunch of trendy destinations around the world. Check out some examples below:

New York City

Los Angeles






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Fun fact: two Fika breaks happened in between writing this article. 

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