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5 European Cities Where You’ll Find Amazing Street Art

Street Art on the Rise Amongst Travelers

Here at Triple, we are probably not alone in always making sure to seek out the areas of a city with the most street art when we travel. Actually, for many travelers, the street art in a city has become more of a must-see at a new destination than the more traditional art in the big art galleries. This trend seems to reflect on the fact that well-informed travelers of today tend to seek out more one-of-a-kind and cutting-edge activities when traveling to a new city.

To give you some ins for your next trip, we have collected our favorite European city-destinations where you’ll find some mind-blowing and amazing street art:

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London is full of street art; you can barely walk the streets of the city without stopping in awe. To see the big names in street art such as Banksy, head to Rivington Street in the Shoreditch area.

To make the most of your street art walk and to be sure to find the most interesting pieces, join Kate, Melissa, and Geoff on their Explore London’s Hidden Street Art Gems experience.


Barcelona’s street art scene is as vibrant and colorful as it’s famous architecture. The walls are full of beautiful artworks, but you shouldn’t forget to look all around you; in Barcelona, you’ll find some of the most interesting works on urban objects such as light poles, electricity boxes, and street signs. If you want to see the hottest street art in Barcelona right now, pay a visit to the up-and-coming neighborhood Poblenou.

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Street art played an important part in the west part of Berlin before the wall fell in 1989, and afterward, the political art form spread to the east side of the wall and are still prospering today.

You can even make your own mark on the streets of Berlin together with Sylvain with his Paint Your First Grafitti experience.


Lisbon is in every sense a beautiful city, and maybe because of this, street art isn’t the first thing one thinks about when Lisbon is mentioned. But Lisbon is really a bit of a hidden gem when it comes to street art. When you travel here, you will discover numerous beautiful and telling pieces of Lisbon’s history. A hot tip is to take the metro and pay extra attention when you wait or jump off at a station; these are often unexpectedly and beautifully decorated by the city’s street artists.


Maybe Paris is better known as ‘The City of Romance’ than the city of street art, but don’t let this fool you. Paris has a very active street art scene which has been prospering for decades – make sure to gaze the walls while strolling around this romantic city and you’re in for a surprising treat.

Triple is a popular platform that connects travelers and locals through unique travel activities and tours.

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