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The 5 Most Popular Triple Activities of Summer 2018

The Triple Summer

The 2018 summer is slowly but steadily coming to an end, and what a summer it has been! Below you can check out the top 5 Triple activities from this summer based on what travelers booked the most.

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1. Experience the Archipelago Like a Stockholmer

This is no surprise – travelers in Stockholm loves the archipelago and we saw this last summer as well. And what better way to see it than with Anders, who actually grew up in the archipelago and has his own boat to take travelers around!

What Triple travelers said: This was such a special and unique experience – we would definitely recommend! We had a beautiful day on the water and could have spent all day exploring the archipelago! As a special bonus, we enjoyed our homemade Swedish pancakes and jam that Anders made fresh that morning. You will not be disappointed! – Alyssa G.

2. Abandoned Berlin – Photography Tour

How cool is it to get into the secret alternative world of Berlin? Anka knows all the places and Triple travelers have been blown away by this experience over the summer.

What Triple travelers said: This was my favorite activity during my week in Berlin. I had so much fun exploring and talking with Anka. She was very patient with me and let me take extra time to photograph at each location. I’d definitely recommend this tour to anyone with a little bit of an adventurous side, looking to get off the beaten path. You’ll be in good hands with Anka! – Thomas R.

3. Get to Know Stockholm – Old & New

Stockholm host Stefani has been entertaining travelers with knowledge of both history, architecture, and the good stuff in life such as Swedish Fika and beer hoping! You can check out all the experiences that Stefani is hosting here.

What Triple travelers said: This is the perfect introduction to Stockholm. Stefanie is a very knowledgeable bubbly guide that will put a smile on your face. She had answers to all our questions and so much more. She went beyond what we had expected and assisted us with what to do around Stockholm. This is the kind of guide you want to welcome you to this beautiful city! – Desna R.

4. Archipelago Tour to Möja

As mentioned above, the archipelago is an especially popular destination in Stockholm. Stefan has been taking travelers on full day tours to the island Möja where they have been bicycling around to discover cultural treasures and take in the amazing views.

What Triple travelers said: You really made my day in Sweden! You’re a wonderful tour guide with a great sense of humor and a cheerful attitude. The compliments are endless!!!! Kudos. We rate your service generously with 5 stars! We’ve really enjoyed being on the Möja Tour! I thank you again on behalf of all the group for your time and effort all through! – Moses M.

5. Harry Potter Tour

Apparently, many Triple travelers are also Harry Potter fans! This summer Triple hosts Geoff and Ramona showed many Triple muggles around magical London.

What Triple travelers said: We enjoyed our tour! Ramona was very helpful and friendly! She made it easier for the muggles to have a magical experience! Thank you! – Maya H.

Autumn is Coming

Even though this amazing summer of 2018 is over there is no point in stop traveling! Next week we’ll be giving away tips on Triple activities that are perfect for autumn.

Triple is a popular platform that connects travelers and locals through unique travel activities and tours.


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