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A Handy Guide to Different Neighbourhoods in Stockholm

Stockholm’s Different Neighborhoods

If you are traveling to Stockholm any time soon you are probably wondering which area to pick for your hotel search, or where to plan a day or night out. While Stockholm is relatively small to the surface, the different areas and neighborhoods have quite different vibes! You can even make a day out of walking between all the neighborhoods listed below. However, if you do that make sure to wear very comfortable shoes as it will be a long day of walking.

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Here is our guide to the most central neighborhoods of Stockholm, make sure to keep it handy when you plan your vacation or city break!

Norrmalm; Downtown

Norrmalm has tonnes of regular shopping and coffee shops, this is a safe go-to if you want a lot of stores in close proximity. This is mainly a business area and not many locals live here, but the hotels are many and very central. Staying in this area will ensure you very easy access to T-Centralen, which is the hub for all metro- and commuter trains, which is a very good thing if you plan to take advantage of the vast Stockholm public commuting system for getting to your Travel activities. The metro is actually an attraction in itself and is often referred to as “the worlds longest art exhibition”. Let Stefani show you by joining her experience Stockholm Subway Art Tour.

Södermalm; The Hipster Mecca

Welcome to hipster town! In fact, a few years ago the renown fashion magazine Vogue named Södermalm the 3rd trendiest neighborhood in the whole world – and “Söder” is still going strong. Take a walk around Södermalm and find numerous little vintage shops mixed in with really high-end cafes. You won’t find many nightclubs here, but if you are looking for craft beer from micro-breweries this is the area to be in! For a more personalized experience, check out Martin and Fredrik’s Beer Tasting with Swedish ‘Folköl’.

Triple is a popular platform that connects travelers and locals through unique travel activities and tours.

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Gamla Stan; Historical Old Town 

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The Old Town is beautiful, historical, and very interesting. Every tourist goes here at some point during their Stockholm vacation, but it is easy to get lost amongst the tourist traps; usually, tourists end up with a big group tour with a guide holding a sign or big umbrella for recognition, doing the same job day in day out. Don’t be a tourist! Be a traveler and book one of the many awesome local Old Town experiences that the Triple hosts have personalized. Here are a few:

The Secrets of Gamla Stan and Södermalm.

Casual Walking Tour of Stockholm.

An Exciting Treasure Hunt in Old Town (an experience for families with kids).

Stockholm Historical City Walk.

Östermalm; The Posh Neighborhood

Every city has to have it’s own posh neighborhood, right! The architecture in Östermalm is beautiful and the residential buildings look like something out of a historical painting. Here you find the party and clubbing hot-spot Stureplan; a block full of nightclubs and fancy bars and restaurants – plan your night here if you want to dress up and dance into the wee hours. During the day you can go shopping for both Swedish and international brands here.


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