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How to See Stockholm’s Archipelago Like a Local



A Day in the Stockholm Archipelago:


After a never-ending winter, the sun has finally arrived in Stockholm. It’s time now to discover the archipelago and, for that purpose, the best way is to take a boat. I meet Anders at Gulmarsplan from where we drive all the way till Saltsjöbaden where his boat is parked. The boat is named “Macy” after a lego figure that his son loves a lot. It takes Anders only a few minutes to prepare the boat and now we are ready to take the sea.


Anders tells me some stories about the area, the wealthy family Wallenberg as well as a legend about the Russians who wanted to invade Stockholm from Saltsjöbaden but who failed. From the boat, we can observe Saltsjöbaden, its observatory and the Grand Hotel built by the Wallenbergs.


Anders also explains to me how to drive his boat and after a few minutes, I am sitting in the driver’s seat following his driving instructions. Driving a boat is easier than driving a car! A good point is that you don’t need a driving license for that. It’s recommended to have one as well as to take lessons but nothing is obligatory.


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The archipelago is a paradise on earth. We stop in Napoleon’s bay. There is nobody except for another boat a little further with a father and his son fishing quietly. While Anders prepares us a light lunch he advises me to go on a walk along the bay. If the water had been warmer I would have loved to jump into the sea. Anders has also fishing equipment for those wanting to have a try. After lunch, it’s already time to drive back to Saltsjöbaden. The sun has been with us during all activity and a funny point is that it seems that the clouds are always over the land and never over the sea as to let us enjoy this tour with Anders on his boat.


Who is this Local Archipelago Activity for?

Have you ever asked yourself if the paradise does exist and where you could find it? If you want to discover it, follow Anders on his boat in the archipelago. This activity is shaped for everybody. You are alone, with friends or with your family, Anders can take up to 5 guests comfortably in his boat. He will take you far away from the city center and the daily problems. Let you drive before taking a break during which you will enjoy the nature in the archipelago.


Who is Your Local Archipelago Host?


Anders works in education in Stockholm but not only. He is the father of a 6-year-old boy with whom he likes to spend time. Anders knows English fluently as he lived for a few years in the US. He came back to Sweden in 2012. What he missed the most in his native country was the nature. He grew up with a boat life. His parents were teachers so all family used to spend each summer on a boat. Anders decided to become a Triple host as he wanted to share his passion for boats and nature with you. Do not wait any longer to meet him!

Join Anders’s boat experience and explore Stockholm’s Archipelago like a local:

Written by Triple’s Stockholm Ambassador, Marie-Cerise. 

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