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An Entertaining Treasure Hunt in the Heart of Stockholm

Finally, Time for me to Try Marie-Cerise’s Treasure Hunt!

It’s a Sunday late in May and my 7-year-old brother is visiting me in Stockholm. This means that I finally have a great excuse to experience Marie-Cerise’s Triple Activity “A Treasure Hunt for All Ages”, and I’m beyond excited!


You can view and book Marie-Cerise’s Treasure Hunt by clicking here.

When we arrive at the meeting point and are waiting for Marie-Cerise, I’m thinking that I might be too excited and have set the expectations too high. We sit down on a bench by the grand statue at Gustav Adolf’s Square and soak in the sun, then Marie-Cerise arrives, I’ve met her before it and am happy to see her again, and to be able to introduce my brother.

Let the Treasure Hunt Begin!


As soon as Marie-Cerise sits down with us, I have no doubt that this activity will meet my expectations! The activity starts with Marie-Cerise handing my brother a sheet of paper with questions that – if he listens to secret clues given later on during the activity – will be able to answer. Then, with a code generated by the right answers, he will be able to open a treasure box. By now it’s not only me who is super excited anymore; my brother is eagerly reading the questions and is more than eager to go on this treasure hunt!


A Treasure Hunt for All Ages exceeded our expectations by far, and even I, as an adult, got a lot of value from this Activity! It was also amazing seeing how fascinated my brother was by the history and fables, and how happy he was when he figured out the right answers to the clues, and then finally cracked the right code to the treasure, it was priceless!



Who is this Treasure Hunt Activity for?

You and the kids you are bringing will learn things like the legend of how the first inhabitant of Stockholm formed the city and why, the history of how King Gustav III was killed (and even go to a museum around the route to see his blood stained clothes presented in the lobby!), as well as learn about well-known sculptures which Marie-Cerise will talk about in a far more interesting and personalized way than the very big groups of tourists with designated guides that you sometimes will see along your walk – at those moments I felt truly grateful that I had taken my brother on a Triple activity where the dialogue was very interactive and tailored to us.

The walk itself is comfortable, and I think that most kids over 3 or 4 years can do it by themselves. And Marie-Cerise will tell you interesting stories, legends, and facts about Stockholm’s history along the way which are so interesting and engulfing that you will barely know that you are walking.


Your Triple Host on the Treasure Hunt: Marie-Cerise

Marie-Cerise is from Belgium but moved to Sweden a little more than a year ago. You can really tell that she loves Stockholm, both by all the interesting anecdotes and history she knows and because she cared to learn how to speak Swedish really well in just one year, which is truly incredible. Marie-Cerise also speaks French, English, and Spanish so her activities are great for a lot of people of different languages. I am very impressed by just how much Marie-Cerise knows about Stockholm and how keen she is on sharing all her amazing knowledge with travelers. If you think that the Treasure Hunt might not be your thing, you are still in luck! Marie-Cerise also hosts a Gamla Stan and Södermalm activity and one Stockholm on Bike activity that you can check out and book on Triple.

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