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Urban Gardening at Spitalfields Farm in London

Urban Gardening in London

Could you find a slice of nature in the middle of buzzing London? Apparently so, as our Triple ambassador, Luisa just did! Read on to get her full scope.


Spitalfields City Farm in East London

I arrive a bit early so I treat myself to a Flat White from Orwell’s café at the farm. Chris, the barista, tells me a bit about the small business and that they use nude coffee beans, an independent East London coffee roaster and that snacks and cakes are full of products from the farm.  

You can read more and book Stephens activity directly here!

The garden at the farm is in full bloom and a magical and peaceful place. With my coffee I sit down in the nice garden area just next to the beautiful sunflowers, listening to the bees, observing the butterflies and Bella, the farm cat, comes along to accompany me.


After a while, Stephen finds me in the garden and welcomes me to the farm. The activity starts in vegetable and herbs garden. Stephen tells me all about the farm, how they grow the veggies and fruit. We find beans and some ripe tomatoes. Apples, plums, and pears start to ripen, incredible in the middle of London!!!

What the Farm is About


Stephen tells me everything about the work at the farm and the strong community focus. There are lots of volunteers involved and the neighborhood supports the farm by buying locally grown fruit and vegetables from here.  

Be Aware: You Will Meet Cute Animals at the Farm!


Our tour continues and we go and visit the animals. We see chicken, ferrets, goats, and sheep with their lambs. The highlight for me: the donkeys. Stephen and I feed them with some leaves from the trees and I need to watch my fingers as the hungry Dereck gobbles up the whole lot in a second.


A brilliant afternoon with lots of insights about urban gardening and community engagement in local projects. I can definitely recommend trying out this Triple activity for anyone visiting or living in London!



Luisa – Triple’s Ambassador in London 


PS. If you want to see more of Luisa, our amazing London Ambassador, she is hosting both a beautiful Flower Market Activity and a Yoga Activity on Triple!

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