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We Went Vintage Shopping with a Burlesque Star in Stockholm

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As you read in an earlier post, A Peek Into the World of Burlesque with International Star Performer Fräulein Frauke, the Triple ambassador Marie-Cerise, and her friend was about to go on a vintage shopping activity with Fräulein Frauke. This is the full scope of that vintage shopping trip!

Let’s go Vintage Shopping!


Time flies, we have to take the metro to go back to the city center to begin our vintage shopping. Our first stop will be Södermalm and two boutiques around Zinkensdamn station. The first one is so colorful and you can find clothes for children, women, and men. The second one has light decoration and is dedicated to women who want to find classical clothes.

You can read more about Fräulein Frauke’s Vintage Shopping Activity and book directly here.


We drive then to Odenplan. Two of the shops we went in in that area looked like a grandmother’s attic. You can find everything that a grandmother keeps from old hats to wedding dresses via sewing products. You will even find the grandmother waiting for you behind the cash register.

The last shop we went in was also really colorful and luminous. During the entire vintage shopping, Fräulein Frauke lets you take your time to find the best outfit and she is always there to advise you and to remind you that you have to dare to wear what you like and not following what the society tells you to wear.

Thank you Fräulein Frauke for that day spent with you! Next burlesque show or next vintage shopping, we’re in!


Who Should Go Vintage Shopping with Fräulein Frauke?

The vintage shopping is for everybody. You want to shop with your friends or your family, Fräulein Frauke will take you to the boutiques that suit your interests and your profile. She knows the places by heart so she will even be able to find you the outfit you were looking for. You just have to cross your fingers to find the size that suits you.


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