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The 3 Most Popular Triple Activities this Past Summer

The Triple Summer was Good!

In case you were curious, we collected the 3 most popular Triple activities from this past summer. Here they are:

Stockholm’s Archipelago


Anders took travelers from all over the world to experience the idyllic Stockholm archipelago, something that left many travelers in very happy spirits:

“Anders was terrific! He took great care of us. The tour was very interesting in and of itself, but Anders’ knowledge of the area and its history added so much! I recommend this activity wholeheartedly. Outstanding.”

– Peter

Street Art in London 


A group of 3 friends in London; Nico, Kate, and Geoff, are all street art enthusiasts and take turns in showing Triple travelers around amongst the hidden treasures created by masters street artists along the East London streets. It seems to be a hit for all ages:

“Nico was awesome and so knowledgeable. You could see him get really excited about the art. He was incredibly patient with all the questions my 9-year-old asked him. We all thought he was fabulous. We will highly recommend it”

– Kate

Hidden Places of Stockholm


Julia is something of a super host on Triple, hosting several activities in Stockholm as her knowledge about the city is amazingly extensive. This, of course, makes a Triple activity with Julia very interesting, as mentioned in this review:

“Julia traveled with us through the history of this beautiful city filled with wonderful hidden places. We saw historic treasures that were not noticed by other travelers. She told us legends and stories that made us understand the past. Everyone who visits Stockholm should make this tour with Julia. We had a very fine and interesting afternoon.”

– Mark

Fall is Around the Corner…

We are stoked that many travelers have found Triple and booked activities with our awesome hosts this past summer! As Fall is just around the corner, we have already got a number of activities that are well suited for the season which you can check out on Triple’s website. We are also working on some extra scary activities for Halloween. Would you like to create and host a Halloween activity of some kind on Triple? Email me at and we will talk!

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