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Our Newest Colleague , Emre, Talks About His Experience of Moving from Istanbul to Stockholm

Header Image: Emre during his local experience with Triple host Satu.

Two Weeks in Stockholm, and Counting…

Emre moved to Stockholm about 2 weeks ago after his company Local Guddy got acquired by Triple and Emre joined the Triple team (you can read more about that here). We thought it was time to ask Emre about what he thinks so far and what his first impressions of living in the Swedish capital are.

Is living in Stockholm like you expected it to be so far?

I actually didn’t have so many expectations before coming here, I just expected to see IKEA, Spotify and Swedish meatballs in every corner 🙂 but I realized that it was not true! Or, well, our office is 99% from IKEA, thanks to Petri, my colleague 🙂

About Stockholm city, I can say that I really love it so far and I am excited to explore it more! I’ve even booked a local tour on Triple and walked in nature with the guidance of a local.

Had you ever been to Stockholm before moving here?

I visited Stockholm for 2 short times to meet the Triple team before moving here. I didn’t have so much time to walk around the city but It was good to see what it’s like to be in Stockholm during winter 🙂

What do you feel is the most surprising about Stockholm and the life here?

The northernmost place I have been to before Stockholm was Poland, So Nordic culture in itself is already interesting for me. It was also very surprising for me when I found myself walking on a frozen lake 🙂

Tell us one big difference about living and working in Stockholm compared to Istanbul?

One big difference I see between Stockholm and Istanbul is the accessibility to green areas. In Istanbul, If you want to walk in a forest or park, you at least need to drive 1-2 hour way towards outside of the city, but here in Stockholm, even though you live in the middle of the center, you can easily find a green area around your flat in less than 15 mins walking distance. And I really think that It is a great fortune to have such opportunity. Whenever you feel low or stressed out, you can go to a park to relax and chill! I understand the value of it very well after living in Istanbul for years. So I try to appreciate the value of this fortune with morning runs around the lake next to my flat 🙂 

Last but definitely not least: The past weeks it has been a lot of talk about the up until now unknown fact that the “Swedish” meatball actually is Turkish… What is your take on this? 

Aha! Guys, really! Who and why said it belongs to us? Really we are so confused too. We could only order these meatballs at IKEA in Turkey as Swedish meatballs, but now thanks to you, IKEA needs to change it to Turkish meatballs in Turkey because Turkish people take custom and tradition things so serious lol 🙂 I hope it won’t go too far like Baklava & Raki conflicts between Greece and Turkey, we have enough to deal with 🙂

Anyways, for me, I don’t care if it is Swedish or Turkish meatballs as long as they are delicious meatballs 🙂

Tell us what you think!

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