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Nature in the City: 5 Amazing European City Parks

The Perfect Time to Relax in a Park is Now

It’s the end of summer and you’ve probably been to the beach numerous times in the past few months. And if you have been traveling you’ve probably visited a few museums as well. So, this is the perfect time to take advantage of Europe’s stunning city parks!

We have collected some of our favorite parks below; why not grab a book, order a coffee or bring a picnic, and spend the last bit of summer relaxing in a wonderful green park in the middle of the city. Enjoy!

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Park Güell – Barcelona

The park is designed by the famous artist and architect Gaudi himself – the very face of Catalan modernism. You just cannot let yourself miss Park Güell, it is stunning and colorful and the levitation will give you some nice exercise while you walk around.

Don’t miss: The mosaics hiding in the park is scavenger hunt-worthy.

Regent’s Park – London

Stroll around this large pedestrian park and discover it’s many gardens and other attractions, such as the London Zoo and the lake. The possibilities are endless and public transportation access to the Regent’s Park is very easy from various ends of the park.

Don’t miss: The open-air theater that plays between May and September.

Vondelpark – Amsterdam

Vondelpark, Amsterdam’s most popular park and awarded with national heritage status, is great both for nature feels and for its cafes and restaurants. There is a skate shop here where you can rent your own skateboard and try it out the skating section of the park.

Don’t miss: The roses; Vondelpark’s rose garden hosts over seventy(!) varieties of roses.

Tiergarten Park – Berlin

Tiergarten Park is a huge patch of greenery in the middle of Berlin and this makes it one of Germany’s largest urban gardens. The park has its roots in the year 1521! Locals love it for its fresh air and the feeling of being in a forest in the middle of the city.

Don’t miss: The Zoological Garden which is the oldest zoo in Germany.

Jardin des Plantes – Paris

The Park is really a big botanical garden; the main botanical garden in all of France, even. The park hosts everything from regional plants and greenhouses to medicinal plants. It’s well worth getting lost in the beauty of this park.

Don’t miss: The Maze! It’s huge and both fun and challenging to get lost in. 

Triple is a popular platform that connects travelers and locals through unique travel activities and tours.



  1. Hello Rebecka
    Thanks for this beautiful blog about amazing europian city parks,Tiergarten Park Berlin, and I love largest urban garden of Amsterdam Vondelpark . Paris is in my heart.
    Thanks your blog post inspire me to visit these cities and parks again and again in my whole life

    1. Thank you Prasant! So happy to be able to inspire you 🙂 Hit us up next time you are going to Europe!

      Wishing you an amazing weekend ahead!

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