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5 Secrets to Better Air Travel You Must Read Before Your Next Flight

Time For Takeoff

Most people probably agree that air flight is quite tedious and boring. Still, it is something that you just have to go through in order to get to that next cool vacation spot. But honestly, you can make the trip better by using some neat travel hacks. Take a look at the Triple team’s own tips and tricks for flying comfy (or, well, comfier), below.

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Dress Comfy

This should be quite obvious, but to many, it isn’t. Think about it, you’ll sit still for up to 12 hours or more and you are likely to start profoundly regretting those skinny jeans or that itchy sweatshirt about 30 minutes into your journey. Also, it is important to note that comfy doesn’t necessarily mean out of style – check out some of the airport outfits below!

Earplugs/Earbuds Plus Noise-Canceling Headphones

Ok, this is huge. Sure, only one of the two kinds is good, but you want to make sure you have both: one pair of noise-canceling over-ear headphones and one pair of either in-ear earplugs (if you want to enjoy peace and quiet), or a pair of in-ear earbuds (if you rather blast music or any type of audio). Place your in-ear option in your ears and put on your noise-canceling headphones on top, and voila! This is a life-changing hack for the frequent traveler; you don’t really realize how noisy the cabin is until you try this, but you’ll most certainly arrive at your destination more relaxed and rested as you didn’t have to hear that loud background noise from the jet engines during your flight.

Always Bring a Large Scarf!

A scarf takes up almost no room in your carry on at all, and it can save you in numerous annoying flight and airport situations. Aside from the obvious; to keep you warm when the temperature in the cabin drops, it has many other great functions as well:

– Rolled up into a pillow.

– As a sleeping mask covering your eyes.

– Folded into a support for your lower back.

– Sun protection if you go somewhere warm and can’t unpack your bags to find your sun hat just yet.

– A coverup of that big tomato juice stain that you accidentally spilled on your white t-shirt when turbulence struck.

Avoid Sitting in the Back of the Plane

Try to avoid anything behind the wings, as this is where the engines are located; if you sit behind them you will hear them much louder than if you sit in front of them. However, if you can’t help sitting behind the wings and engines, at least make sure not to sit in any of the five or so last rows; here you risk being disturbed by the toilets in more than one way; loud flushing, long lines of people waiting for the bathroom, and even bad smell! Surely that seat upgrade is worth a few extra bucks if it means not having to sit in the middle of a restroom line for several hours.

Triple is a popular platform that connects travelers and locals through unique travel activities and tours.

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Snacks, Snacks, Snacks

being hungry on your travels can be very frustrating.  A delayed flight when you already boarded or a delayed flight resulting in a night spent transferring at an airport where all the cafes and restaurants are closed are just some of the disasters waiting to happen. So make sure to always have your favorite snacks packed. Think about it, have you ever regretted bringing snacks or heard someone complain the brought too many snacks? Probably not. Pack both filling and nutritious stuff such as nuts and fruit for when you need to refuel, as well as your favorite candy for when the flight is delayed and you are bored and need something sweet to focus on.

Pack Two Books

With two different books in your carryon, you are set up for success even on the longest plane ride. Don’t just bring any book though, as there is a special strategy to this! What you do is that you bring one good book that you have been meaning to read for a long time but haven’t found the time for yet; this one will keep you captivated and make time literally fly by. The second book should be a boring one, preferably one that you promised someone to read but never really intended to do; this book is the one you pick up when you start feeling like you need to get some Zzzz’s, in the best and most probable case this boring book will put you to sleep and before you know it you are nearing your destination, finally!

What did we miss? Please tell us so that we can make our next flight our best flight one!

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