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5 Awesome European Cities for a Fall Weekend Getaway

The Perfect Weekend Get-Away

There is no better pick-me-up than a city-break weekend adventure during the fall. We know that it is hard to inspire yourself as the days get shorter and the rain starts falling, so we created a list of great European Fall destinations and suggestions on what to eat, see, and experience at each destination. We hope that you find something you like!

Barcelona, Spain

What to see: Park Guel. Not only will you have a stunning view of Barcelona from the heights of the park, but you will also see some of Gaudi’s amazing mosaics and landscape art.  And as Barcelona is relatively warm and sunny all year round, you will probably get to soak up some sun rays as well.  

What to experience: Gaudi mosaic class and tour of El Born.

What to eat: Tapas. Find a hole-in-the-wall place and indulge in their specialties, you can never go wrong!

Rome, Italy

What to see: Colosseum. Although you should prepare yourself and bring your elbows out, since you will share the sight with many many tourists, either way, Colosseum is worth a visit. After all, when in Rome…

What to experience: Make Italian espresso with a local barista in Rome

What to eat: Pasta! Pizza! Gelato! Seriously, if all you do during your weekend get-away to Rome is to eat, you still will have one of the best weekends of your life.

London, United Kingdom

What to see: The National Gallery. This free museum hosts paintings from artists such as  Van Gogh, da Vinci, Botticelli, Constable and, Renoir. It right by Trafalgar Square and well worth a visit, although, you probably want to plan your visit sometime outside peak visitor time in order to fully enjoy.

What to experience: Instagram tour of London with a social media expert.

What to eat: Fish & Chips is the given dish to try. But did you know that London has amazing Indian food as well? If you are a fan of spicy deliciousness, definitely go for Indian while in London!

Stockholm, Sweden

What to see: The huge open-air museum Skansen. Here you can walk through history and enter historical houses, from various times, where real-life knowledgeable actors are playing the parts of the people who lived there – just like back in the day. Definitely worth a visit, even on a rainy day!

What to experience: Stockholm Subway Art Tour.

What to eat: Swedish meatballs and salty licorice. You’ll find the meatballs at any traditional Scandinavian restaurant, and the licorice you can get at any candy- or grocery store. Yum!

Berlin, Germany

What to see: The Berlin Wall. Stroll along the remains of the wall and soak in the history and political graffiti.

What to experience: Photo Walk & Studio Visit with Professional Photojournalist.

What to eat: Berlin has a surprisingly vibrant vegan food culture, which makes the city perfect and extra delicious for those on a vegan diet, and for everyone else, really. Eat green in Berlin and feel both deliciously full and better about yourself when your trip is over!


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