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Guest Blog: 5 Unique Destinations to Discover by Boat

The hardest choice for any traveller is picking their next destination to explore. If you’re looking for a different way to see a country, we recommend seeing the coasts and beauty from a different perspective. We have chosen our top 5 destinations that are only accessible by boat.This means less tourists and private beaches all to yourself.

Vis, Croatia

What if you are tired of traditional tourist trips and you would want to discover something unique, different and experience a once in a lifetime trip?
Whether you are passionate about the sea life, sunsets or adventurous activities during your travels, or you have never dared to go out and discover the idyllic places by boat, these destinations are sure to catch your eye. You can always surprise your friends, family or your partner with a new way of traveling.

Croatia has that special something that makes travellers fall in love with it. Maybe it’s the
breathtaking landscapes, secret islands, turquoise water or the ancient Roman
amphitheaters that provide unique experiences to all explorers.

Rising from nowhere in the Adriatic sea, Vis island, Croatia – the farthest inhabited place can bring you into the mysterious world of the Greek colony of Issa established in the 4th century BC. To fully appreciate the island, you will need to stop at Mount Hum and experience the different activities offered as well as the picture-esque Venetian houses that are on display. The best way to access the island is by departing from Split.

Milos, Greece

If you are an enthusiast of the Mediterranean climate, then the Aegean sea with its crystal clear water and the blue-green sea caves promise you an unforgettable time. Spend a day sailing to the marvelous island of Milos or spend a week getting to know the different Cyclades islands. You can explore the splendid coasts of volcanic origin and stop at Mykonos for a day at land.

Make your holidays unique and memorable by planning your personalized trip. The great thing about sailing this region is the ability to alter your itinerary and see whatever you want to see. Full of history, catacombs, amphitheaters and the site of the Venus discovery, the colorful and lively Milos has more than 70 beaches with a unique allure that suits all tastes.

For the ones eager for adventure, by boat, you can discover the pirates chambers cut out of the stone and don’t forget to stop at Plaka and Tripiti, the syrmata villages to enjoy the freshly grilled fish with a sunset view.

Formentera, Spain

Is Spain always making you dream about the adventures, great tapas and beautiful beaches with turquoise water? Located to the south of Ibiza, the smallest island in the Balearic coastline, Formentera is the perfect escape with dreamlike landscapes. Access to one of the most idyllic islands in the Mediterranean is easy and delightful by boat from Ibiza. If you are extremely passionate about water sports and like diving, swimming or snorkeling, the crystal clear waters make this destination the paradise of relaxation

This island is a hub of adventure for the voyagers who love hiking or discovering new places in a different way. After getting to land, enjoy the island by driving a scooter to the oldest lighthouse – Faro de la Mola and see the sunset from a different perspective.

Calanques, France

If you are travelling in France and enjoy tasty food, beautiful landscapes and want to escape from the mainland for one day, the Calanques is the place to visit. The Calanques are essential to see if you are an explorer or a romantic soul. Many of the Calanques have a very specific ecosystem, which makes them national wonders.

The Calangue of En-Vau is surrounded by high rocky cliffs and crystal bays. This place makes you feel like you are alone in paradise. If you want to approach the Calanques from the sea by boating with your family or friends, either depart from Marseille or Cassis. You’ll be pleased by the small fishing towns and charming creeks any time of the year.

Elba, Island

If you are dreaming about visiting a hip destination, but are tired of crowded touristy destinations, then you need to visit Elba immediately.

The small Italian island located in the Tuscan archipelago is not as famous as Sardinia, Sicily or Amalfi Coast, but it’s just as amazing. When you arrive, you will not find lines and crowds like in other Mediterranean islands.

Excellent for the sports enthusiast or for lazy voyagers, you can find the perfect place to swim and lay on the bountiful beaches. If you prefer the tiny coves such as Punta Nera, you can rent a boat and access these special spots on your own.


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